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Lauren Maguire, CCTP, CPH, LPC, ACS

Mental Health Counseling and Clinical Hypnosis Services

Located in Cape May County, NJ

Clinical Counseling and Hypnosis Services in Cape May County, NJ

Contact Info/Fees

Please feel free to contact Lauren with any questions. Phone consultations are free! The office is located in centralized and historic Cape May Court House, NJ, and resides in a building that houses an art/music makerspace, craft boutique and massage studio: a perfect holistic healing space!

Don't forget to ask about Telehealth services. This convenient, online service allows us to meet for appointments when life's inconveniences occur (car trouble, child home sick, etc.)

When contacting Lauren, simply send an email or call the number listed below. You will receive a timely reply.

Feel free to ask important questions about this practice and any background information you may need. Please ensure to provide your contact information.


Initial Intake Counseling and/or Hypnosis Assessment: $150
Individual Counseling session: $130
Couples Counseling Session: $150
Hypnosis Programs: To be determined based upon program requested ($150 per session, up to 5 sessions total)

Payments accepted include cash, Paypal, Venmo or check upon each visit. This practice is an *out-of-network* service. However, if your health coverage is minimal, or you do not have out-of-network reimbursements, we can discuss ways to make this fee manageable for you. Many clients receive a reimbursement from their insurance providers for mental health counseling services, but you will want to call your provider to check on this.
Hypnosis programs are not typically covered by insurance providers, but be sure to ask!

*Before scheduling, please contact your insurance provider and ask the following questions:*

1. Do I have mental/behavioral health benefits under my plan?
2. How much does my plan cover for an *out-of-network provider*? If so, what percentage will you pay?
3. What is my deductible, and has it been met? Does my deductible apply to "out of network" providers?
4. Is there a limit on the number of sessions I may receive?
5. What will my reimbursement be for a typical 45-minute psychotherapy session, based on a $125 fee?
6. What is the procedure to submit my receipt? Is there another form to complete? Where can I access the form?
7. Is a referral required from my primary doctor?

*Click here to read the latest New Jersey provision regarding out-of-network health providers and insurance claims*

Please call with any questions:
(609) 222-4010
Or send an email to: