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Lauren Maguire, CCTP, CPH, LPC, ACS

Mental Health Counseling and Clinical Hypnosis Services

Located in Cape May County, NJ

Clinical Counseling and Hypnosis Services in Cape May County, NJ

Mental Health Counseling Services

Are you ready to change your life for the better yet?

Together, we will explore ways that allow you to help yourself utilize strategies and approaches that are best for you. You will quickly begin to understand yourself better and what you might need to change in order to live a more fulfilled life.

When in session, we may engage in traditional therapeutic and counseling approaches integrated with solution-focused strategies that highlight your competencies and strengths, cognitive resources that will enable you to see other perspectives that you may have overlooked. Sometimes, we simply need education of other ways of thinking, or perhaps ways to "not" think as much. We may utilize alternative methods, such as meditation and mindfulness or hypnosis that help establish new thinking and behavioral patterns while rewiring new neurological pathways. Hypnosis, guided imagery and/or relaxation strategies are highly effective and fully supported by current research, to help you find the relief and support you need to maintain a quality life. We decide together what is best for you, today. It is important that you feel at ease and comfortable throughout our time working together!