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Lauren Maguire, CCTP, CPH, LPC, ACS

Mental Health Counseling and Clinical Hypnosis Services

Located in Cape May County, NJ

Clinical Counseling and Hypnosis Services in Cape May County, NJ

It usually takes a great amount of courage and commitment to make the call and set an appointment to begin counseling services. Change requires time, commitment, vulnerability, and costs. Many often wonder "Is it worth it?"

Due to this, I decided to create a testimonials page.
HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) protects the privacy of all individuals engaging in professional health services, which can make it difficult to obtain testimonials for the benefits acquired by mental health counseling services from anyone who has worked with a licensed professional, including me! This testimonial page is completely voluntary to all clients who engage in counseling services from Lauren Maguire,CCTP, CPH, LPC, ACS, in order to ascertain the benefits and limitations of the counseling and clinical hypnosis process. No names are required, in fact, it is forbidden. Rather, only initials, gender and age are garnered, and not required. This testimonial page has been developed in order for anyone considering counseling or hypnosis services to gain insight from previous clients in order to make a better informed decision if this counseling and/or hypnosis process would be beneficial for their own goals.


Age 66-85
Presenting Problem: Anxiety, Socialization

I spoke with Lauren during a time in my life when my personal role and social standing were changing in my life. Her approach and easy manner was so helpful. After a few sessions of untangling my thoughts and feelings, I was curious to experience hypnosis to help find the root of my lost self confidence. The session was a complete success and the revelations were helpful and attributed to my returned self confidence and peace.
Age 26-35
Presenting Problem: Depression, Anxiety, Panic attacks, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Codependency Issues

I came to Lauren for help with PTSD and depression. We started out with counseling and then Lauren suggested hypnosis for extra help and at first I was skeptical but it really worked! It was super relaxing as well! It helped my anxiety drop, and I felt way more confident! My marriage is doing better and I stopped binge-eating & lost 20 lbs. Lauren is understanding and easy to talk to. Highly recommend!
Age 51-65
Presenting Problem: Depression, Codependency Issues

The session with hypnosis was such an amazing experience.Looking back at the session, I realized through hypnosis the root of my issues were revealed to me. Since that session, i am learning how to handle past experiences and become a better me.

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